About Zone

The approach of others has been to look solely at the legal framework ignoring the commercial reality of the marketplace. There is an increasing need for businesses to look beyond these traditional approaches and look at a co-operative and commercial approach to business to meet the new demands of the new globalised market.

The idea of co-operation between businesses can be overlooked in an overly legalistic framework. A legal challenge should be the final step only when other avenues have been exhausted including conducting rigorous audits to identify potential pressure points.

Zone Law provides a full range of intellectual property and business law services. 

Our clients benefit from our expertise in complex and contentious commercial and intellectual property issues. Our dynamic team provides practical and effective advice for our clients.  Our partners and principals bring a wealth of experience to the firm having worked in private practice for a number of well established Wellington patent attorney and law firms and in senior Government positions. We pride ourselves on using commercial strategy and common sense to achieve pragmatic commercial solutions in line with our client’s objectives.

"It's about understanding what the client wants and this firm does"